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When you contact us to write a press release, we know time is of the essence! Our press release writing service will reach out to you within 24 hours for a personal interview detailing the news you need to announce to the world. There are no lengthy forms to fill out. We take care of everything from that moment on:

1. A writer will be assigned to your project and immediately go into action.
2. From there our editorial staff will fine-tune the work for readability and accuracy.
3. We get your final approval.
4. Your press release is then linked and posted for publishing on your desired date, which includes:

•  Up to 10 industry categories
•  Distribution to database of 3000 US Newspapers and 1500 Magazines
•  Distribution to search engines such as Google and Bing.
•  Distribution to popular newswires.
•  Access statistics to measure your success.
•  Receive a Proof of Distribution report with links to your press release posted on between 50 to 60 websites.
•  Include one standard video and one YouTube video.
•  Attach up to 5 files, logos or images
•  Add a Block Quote (New)
•  Add your Facebook & Twitter feed in your press release. 
•  News shared on 24-7 Press Release Twitter.
•  Guaranteed front page display.
•  Press release review and optimization
•  Permanent inclusion in our database.

So we can get started on your press release, simply complete the form or gives us a call!

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Press Releases Are An Important Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days when press releases were limited to written content released to the local or national news media. Today, press releases are an important aspect of inbound marketing. Press release writing services can create newsworthy pieces about your business that are designed to attract both media and consumer attention. When used properly, these content pieces can be an important tool.

How They Are Used

Press releases are meant to be used for anything newsworthy about your business. Your press release writing service will use informational language designed to provide valuable content that interests readers. It should never be promotional. Some of the most popular uses for these documents include product launches, personnel changes, milestones, special events and more. Anything that is worth media attention is a great reason for a press release.

Benefits of the Press Release

Press releases have a large number of benefits to your inbound marketing campaign. For instance, if you use your keywords properly, you can attract more attention from the search engines, strengthening your position. These documents spread quickly through online media and are a cost-effective way to reach the largest number of interested individuals. The more exposure your business receives online, the greater your potential of success will be.

Use Best Practices

Your content writers should implement press releases into your inbound marketing strategy. Press releases should be written in easy-to-understand language, while engaging visitors and drawing them in to read more. Paragraphs should be short and properly formatted for the best results. Finally, use quotes from key members of your team to drive home your points.

Press releases are just as valuable today as they were before the dawn of the Internet. These documents are used to express any newsworthy event relating to your business, drawing attention from news sites, as well as consumers, giving you the exposure you need to succeed.

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