When it comes to hair extension shampoos and conditioners, 
RemySoft is specially formulated to care for the hair you wear! 

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The 3-STEP System includes: 

•  the Moisturelab Hydrating Cleanser™ is one of the best wig, weave and hair extension shampoos to gently cleanse while retaining proper moisture levels
•  the Moisturelab Recovery Cream™ strengthens, moisturizes and protects
•  blueMax Protective Sealer™ protects the hair to eliminate tangles and lock in moisture 

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Why RemySoft is different than other wig, weave and extension shampoos and conditioners

Genuine human hair wigs, weaves and extensions become damaged and dry out easily because they are not constantly being refreshed with the natural oils normally found when still attached to the scalp. RemySoft hair extension shampoos and conditioners are designed to protect the hair so it remains moisturized and looking its best. Here's how:

•  Seals in the moisture

Most conditioners simply can’t provide enough moisture and protection because the human hair is unable to hold onto that extra moisture without a protective layer over each folicle. RemySoft hair care products resolve this issue. The creators of their blueMax Protective Sealer experimented with a number of silicone and natural oil ingredients until they found the right combination to seal in the moisture for long-term benefits.

•  Relaxes the natural curl

RemySoft products were designed with wigs, weaves and hair extensions in mind. However, in testing the products, they were found to offer additional benefits to those whose natural hair was unruly or textured. After using these products, the hair suddenly became relaxed and easier to style.

•  Refreshes and smoothes

The newest piece to the RemySoft system is the blueMax Daily Refresher. This product is designed to remove tangles, create a smooth look and enhance the moisture in your wigs, weaves or extensions with just a few sprays.