Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing Your Next Move?

It should be if you want targeted visitors to your site in a snap. Learn about lead generation at its finest with our free ebook, How Pay-Per-Click Pays Off.

Would you like to increase traffic to your website? What if those visitors are searching for exactly what you offer--would you pay to have them delivered to your door?  

Pay-per-click marketing positions your company at the top of the search results and, for each user who clicks through, you pay an agreed-upon price.

That’s the beauty of PPC...targeted customers ready to buy, directed to your landing page. But that beauty can be a beast if you‘re not a pay-per-click marketing expert.

Our free eBook, How Pay Per Click Pays Off, examines the pros and cons and provides the information you need to incorporate PPC into your existing plan. You’ll be guided through a cautionary thought process comparing preliminary costs to net profit.

Here are some successful promotions using PPC:

  • B2B
  • Campaigns
  • Time-sensitive sales and offers
  • Special events

If pay-per-click marketing sounds like a quick and cost effective way to reach your target market and increase is! Simply fill out the form and you’ll have our complimentary eBook, How Pay Per Click Pays Off, in a flash!

It’s not as simple as just paying for click throughs.

Search engines don’t let just anyone buy ads and place them at the top of their results. That would discredit all the natural “organic” offerings.

Searchers like Google, Bing and Yahoo demand that a business be worthy of their referral. During the auction process, you determine your maximum pay-per-click cost and come up with highly-searched yet not too broad keywords. Then you must pass their Quality Score. The top four factors are:

  1. Ad wording
  2. Long-tail keywords
  3. Landing page
  4. Usage metrics

If you want to understand this and all aspects of pay-per-click marketing, request our FREE eBook, How Pay-Per-Click Pays Off, by filling out the form.

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