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Press releases aren’t relics of the pre-digital age. In fact, technology has made them even easier to create and distribute, enabling you to reach more newswires and reporters more quickly. The coverage your business receives could lead to big boosts in sales and revenue, so it’s important to keep press release writing a part of your marketing formula.

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Is a Press Release Writer Still Viable in the Digital Age?

Does Your Press Release Tell a Good Story?

Put yourself in the shoes of a reporter. You might not be all that interested in a marketing-heavy press release from a business, but what about one that tells an interesting tale? Even more: what if the press release does most of your reporting work for you, providing answers to most of the questions you’d ask?

Our press release writing services are centered around this philosophy. We carefully craft narratives that hook reporters and get them interested in the product, service or event a business is behind. We poured our own press release expertise into every bit of this eBook, which you can download right now, for free. No strings attached.

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