APRIL 2018

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Time flies when it's spring...the 2nd edition of our newsletter has already arrived. Happy to "see" you again, or welcome 1st-time email open.

We've packed some interesting info about our AdWords service, a pretty amazing $100 off promotion for the month of April and a link to some of our latest blog articles.

You might also consider using this kind of email marketing for your own business. It's affordable and a great way to engage with current and future clients.  

Would you like to get INSTANT TRAFFIC to your website? 

We have an AdWords package designed to do just that...and you can take our (Ad)word for it because that's how we get a lot of our business.

With an AdWords campaign, you leave all the technical nitty gritty to us, while you sit back and answer leads primed to buy your products or services. And with a pay-per-click method of lead generation...no worries! You control the budget so you can feel confident in how much you will spend in ad dollars each month. You'll also get a monthly report so you can easily measure how effective your campaign is working.

Give AdWords a try! As an introductory offer this month, we will take $100 off of the set up with an AdWords package purchase.



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