MAY 2018

Discover cutting-edge information about content marketing, lead generation and proven digital strategies to promote your business success on the Internet.

Summer is right around the corner (even though today it's 59 degrees here in Texas.) As the weather heats up, how about heating up your sales with effective and affordable online marketing. Contact us for a free consultation.  

Our promotion this month is for Facebook Advertising. For the month of May we are waiving the set-up fee – a $199 savings! Look for details below.

If you opened this email, you can probably see the value of email or newsletter marketing for your own business. It's an affordable way to stay in touch with your clients and an effective way to connect with new ones. 

Facebook Ads Are Even More Affordable...Save $199!

Did you know, according to recently updated statistics, there are 1.15 billion daily active Facebook users. But you probably don't need to reach all billion of them. With Facebook's intuitive platform, we can target your specific market, including income, location, interests, recent purchasing behavior and life events, to name just a few.

You can harness all of this targeted marketing for only $199 a month.*

Your monthly package includes:

  • Custom audience targeting
  • Writing and designing a compelling ad 
  • Ad placement
  • Pixel set-up for tracking the success of your ad

And you can tailor your ad spend to as little as $10 a day up to whatever your budget dictates. You only pay for the clicks you get.

Remember, for the month of May only, we will waive the $199 set-up fee. If you are interested in marketing your business directly to customers who are looking for your products or services, give us a call at 888-493-4932. 

 *Does not include ad spend. 



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