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The kids are back to class and it’s time for Content Marketing 101 with our theme this month, Website Content. Whether you’re alumni or it’s your first day, we’re happy to have you!

Keeping your website content A+ is a must, as it will allow you to rank higher on Google search. Learn more about how we can create engaging, SEO content for your website in the article below.

It's elementary! A newsletter is a great way to reach potential customers without making them feel overwhelmed. It’s affordable and a fresh, creative way to engage with new and long-standing clients.

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Would you like to drive MORE TRAFFIC to your website?


In order to stay relevant and be easily found by potential customers on Google, you need SEO optimized website content. But what does that even mean?

We could go through a long and complicated explanation here, but we’ll save you the trouble and just say that when you have iwebcontent write your content for you, you can be sure we’ll optimize it to be as search engine friendly as possible (hence the SEO part) using our keyword research. Other content enhancements include matching the tone of the content to your brand, linking, image tagging and compelling meta descriptions.

If you have questions about new content written for your website, don’t hesitate to contact iwebcontent and speak to one of our helpful content specialists today!

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